Driven (Lovewell Teen Session One Show)

By Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts (other events)

3 Dates Through Jul 01, 2017

When the manager of the El Segundo branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Los  [Driven Poster] Angeles, goes on an impromptu vacation, the staff must take the wheel on a particularly turbulent morning. In the endless lines of the waiting room, both the customers and staff face their fears, follow their dreams, and find love. Inside this place where everyone goes but nobody wants to, Driven will take you for a ride on a remarkably extraordinary day.

Come and experience a brand new musical written by the students (ages 13-19) and staff of this workshop. From the very first word to the final bow, this magical new piece of musical theatre is entirely student generated. What is on the minds of the youth of today? Buy a ticket to this production, find out and be awed! 

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